David Casti is a business and technical leader
with a long track record of success working
with organizations of all sizes. An owner of several
companies, he is personally responsible
for the Neosynapse brand, a boutique management
and technology consulting team. Additionally,
he is a speaker and peak performance
coach with clients all over the world.




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David ensures all of his client’s needs are met while fostering a dynamic creative environment for his developers. I have observed this during multiple engagements and they always concluded with industry-leading award winning solutions. I have always known David to deliver projects on time and under budget. I would work with David’s organization again without hesitation.

Herb Goodfellow Jr
Executive Consultant

David is one of those VERY few people who has a combination of great technical capabilities and solid business acumen. I’ve worked with him for 13 years now, and even more impressive than the items listed above, he and I had the trust in each other as partners that everyone strives for, but rarely achieves. If every business partnership included the integrity and level of trust ours had, what a wonderful world this would be! I should write a book about it some day…

Brian Roberts
CEO Advisor

He has a peaceful confidence that I was immediately drawn to. During his talk, David had me so engaged that I couldn’t look away – his intellectual yet easy to understand approach to explaining complex principals was mind blowing. David is a great motivator, a great collaborator and one of the smartest people I have ever met. I look forward to working with him again on future projects. If you have a chance to spend time working with David, being around him, or listening to him speak – cherish that time – it will have been well spent.

Jonathan (JB) Benjamin
Director of Operations, Pulse Inc.

I would describe David as a visionary. He’s able to see a bigger picture of what is currently happening and where we are capable of heading. He then uses his practical and solid business skills and experience to craft an action plan for what comes next and how we can do it more efficiently. David Casti is one of our favorite and most popular speakers. His presentations are clear, full of useable info and thought provoking. On a personal level, I always enjoy working with David. He is warm, caring and easy to work on all levels. I intend to develop a long standing professional relationship with David Casti. He’s a true gift to our company and team.

Regena Garrepy
CEO, Reclaim Your Essence

David Casti is by far one of the most talented individuals I’ve encountered in the space of database design and creation. He has the uncanny gift of identifying business needs by asking on-the-mark questions at a macro level and translating them to applications in a most granular and accurate fashion. He saves time. He engages people and he is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Gerard Broussard
Principal at Pre-Meditated Media

I hired David to build a proof-of-concept data repository and was very happy with the results. He drove the project to completion and was extremely effective in a difficult corporate environment. I would hire him again without question.

Warren Schlichting
SVP, Media Sales & Analytics

I worked with David on a number of projects when he was consulting to AOL. Other recommendations have focused on David’s capabilities. I’ll focus on one, his ability to understand the business problem he needed to solve just as well — or better — than the company that hired him. Not only did he understand it but he had a corporate-wide perspective. How did the problem affect finance, marketing, IT, customers, etc. Wish AOL hired him to be CTO.

Mark Goldstein
Senior Director for Customer Advocacy and Privacy, AOL Time Warner

In addition to directing major software development endeavors, David was instrumental in helping with organizational modifications designed to refocus our team to improve our ability to deliver. He is extremely easy to work with and always thinks creatively about overall views of problems and possible solutions.  I have known David for nearly ten years and am always impressed with his creative mind.

Mike Gattos
Senior Technical Director, AOL Time Warner